Lisa Gardon, Show Manager

Lisa Gardon
Show Manager
Cell: 716-429-6626
Fax: 716-625-1345

31105 Bainbridge Road, Suite 3
Solon, OH 44139                

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Favorite Design Tip:
A creative & inexpensive way to update the look in a room is update a chair in the space. If an old chair frame is in good shape, it can easily be repainted, reupholstered and loved like new again!

robin_weidnerRobin Weidner
Marketing Coordinator   
440.248.5729 ext. 126
888.248.9751 ext. 126
31105 Bainbridge Road, Suite 3
Solon, OH  44139

Favorite Design Tip:
Re-use and Re-purpose items within your own home.  Re-arrange your artwork and accessories just like you rearrange your furniture.  Place all of of your accent decor' in one room and find new locations throughout your home to create a new look and feel.

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